Monday, September 8, 2008

Barbarian Example 2

Here's another warrior-like guy I did on my sketch tablet.
And here's the render.

All images copyright 2008.

A Small Storyboard

Here's one of many storyboards I did for my friend Andrew Feinstein for his "Girls and Sports" cartoon inserts on "The Best Damn Sports Show Period". The characters and environment are simple but they were fun to work on, and because of the small amount of pages they were nice short attention span projects between the large ones.

To the average person a common storyboard for a half hour show would look like a gigantic phone book. Depending on how involved the show was and the amount of acts it contains would probably give the paper count a depth of half a foot.

All images copyright Andrew Feinstein 2008.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sketching at the Zoo

Here are some sketches I did at the zoo a little while back. The turtle was the most cooperative of the lot but that's the trick to sketching living things. When you're ready to sketch the subject at hand you have to make a mental snapshot of the image in your head and sketch it down asap! I was able to put tones here and there when I was satisfied with the sketch.

All images copyright 2008.

Some Cartoonage'

Here's a happy fellow I drew during one of my waiting room visits(refer to 'Barbarian Example'). I didn't think much of him at first but he seems to grow on me as the days go by.

These silly squashes are toony portraits of myself and my newly begotten wife laura. We were married in Santa Barbara on the 31st of August this year. We love Halloween time so I thought of doing cool little clip art thingies for Laura's blog.

All images copyright 2008.

Barbarian Example

My poor Mom is ill right now and needs to go to the doctors frequently. I drew this guy in the waiting room on my "Motion Computing" tablet using "Alias Sketchbook Pro"(now 'Auto Desk Pro'). He took about a couple of visits.

I decided to give him a paint job still using Sketchbook Pro(and nothing else). A lot of people love Sketchbook Pro for its' intuitive and general good feel for drawing, but, with a little practice, it can be an affective paint tool as well.

All images copyright 2008.

Getting Down to Buisness

Well, here's my first blog thingie. I'm both exited and clueless on how to effectively wheel a blog page but I do have a lot of plans for it so y'all be patient with me if you can.

Basically, I want to use this page as my digital portfolio and a place where aspiring artists can possibly learn something about what I do as well as learn from people that visit my page through comments and directing me to sites I haven't been to yet.

I also have plans for a website in the near future for visiting people to possibly post their work for all to see as well as some of my animation buds to show off theirs (plug, plug), forum on whatever and to teach some drawing how-to's via podcast.

I know it's not a unique sounding site but I want it to be a comfortable, inspiring and, hopefully, fun place to be. But, for now, we'll start with my baby step blog and see what evolves from here.

here's to the future...........................Mario.