Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hey all. These are some of the avatars I make seasonally for my Facebook. I thought I'd archive them here as well for your viewing pleasure.


Action/Adventure Style Storyboard Scene

This scene is the transformation sequence of Kraven the Hunter from "The Spectacular Spiderman". Just to sum up the story to this point-Kraven is a wealthy adventurist who has, and will, hunt anything that poses a challenge to him. He has at this point conquered all beasts known to him except for one...........Spiderman. When he confronts Spiderman in this episode Kraven find himself being conquered by the super powered teenager. Humiliated, Kraven hires one of the resident evil chemists of the show to enhance his strength and senses with a gene altering mutagen to become the supreme hunter! When the mutagen is injected into his bloodstream it proceeds to alter Kraven into a monstrous abomination.

Because of the nature of the scene I boarded it in a sort of noir style for dramatic affect.Heavy shadows, sparce lighting and dramatic angles carry the scene out well enough but what really helps the scene, I feel, is the simplicity of the dark environment that helps spotlight the two characters in the scene. It keeps you intently focused on their every action thus making you more connected with them aswell.

As sizes go, in a normal storyboard section, this would be considered a medium sized one (pages wise anyway). But still took more than a couple of weeks due to the complexity of the characters and environment. S0, with that all being said, here it is and I hope you enjoy..................Mario.